​- F I E C   Y E A R L Y   F E E S -​

All affiliated associations are reminded that their annual membership fee is € 110.-, to be paid on one of the two following accounts:


PostFinance, Rue du Château-d’En-Bas 33, CH-1631 Bulle

IBAN : CH62 0900 0000 9131 2589 3


The account is in the name of FIEC, Paul Schubert.


If you pay from a country outside of the monetary union (Euro) you still have the possibility to use an account in Swedish kronor, if this is more convenient. In this case, please send the equivalent amount of € 110:


IBAN: SE11 5000 0000 0501 1107 8210


The account is in the name of Svenska Klassikerförbundet.



Please mention the name of your association, adding “FIEC fee”.

Please DO NOT send a cheque ! It costs a fortune to cash it !


If you need to send something by ordinary mail, our Treasurer’s address is:

Gunhild Vidén

Prästgårdsgatan 6

412 71 Gothenburg